Carefully Consider Your Hiring Practices

In my experience working with small businesses, particularly those without a trained HR professional on staff, I have seen many instances of illegal hiring practices.  In most cases, the problems are not necessarily intentional, but rather due to a lack of employer knowledge of the right way (legal) and wrong way (illegal) to conduct a candidate search and an interview. 

While this issue may seem to be minor within the scope of all the things a small business owner has to worry about, I assure you, the consequences can be substantial.  Consider the case of a Sonic franchisee who refused to hire a person with a speech impediment; that franchisee is currently facing Federal charges which can result in major financial penalties – read about the case HERE.

The following are links to some articles that will provide you with information to help you effectively prepare to conduct an effective, legal interview that will result in hiring the best candidate for your company:

Questions Not to Ask

Laws to Know Before Hiring

Tips on Hiring an Effective Manager

In these economic times where any employer who is actually hiring essentially has their pick from hundreds – or even thousands of candidates, that doesn’t mean that candidates should be treated any less respectfully than before.  Nor does it mean that companies can afford to be lax in the implementation of their hiring policies and procedures.  Make certain your company is protected, learn the legal guidelines and insure that those involved in hiring at your company follow them to the letter.


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