Endorsements of our Work

“Thank you for conducting the … seminar for our members of the Youngstown Education Association who are being scheduled for layoff.  Our members were uniformly impressed with the quality of your presentation.  All of the feedback was extremely positive.  This seminar gave our members a sense of reassurance regarding their ability to locate other work…”
Donald E. Banas, Employee Relations Consultant at Ohio Education Association


“…day long seminars were held to help staff at Woodside Hospital prepare for the closure of the hospital by informing them how to do job searches… The evaluations submitted by staff on this…were outstanding.  Staff commented on her professionalism and wealth of knowledge that she shared with them.”
Janet L. Thomas, Human Resources Manager at Ohio Department of Mental Health

“…has worked very closely…for the past year in recruiting high quality individuals for our firm and our clients…and has done so with a high degree of professionalism.  The quality of Linda’s referrals exemplifies her commitment to matching the best qualified people to individual job requirements for her client companies…”
Anne Tuite, Assistant Personnel Director, Hoffman & Dykes Certified Public Accountants


“…I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Linda as a guest on her Strategic Growth Concepts Blog Talk Radio show, and have been impressed by her ability to keep her guests engaged and the conversation moving along without missing a beat. Upon downloading the podcasts of several of my guest appearances on the show, my clients have expressed similar sentiment. Her professionalism has certainly left a lasting impression on my clients. Ultimately, that is a good reflection on me as well.

Linda has completed several very important projects for me as a Strategic Partner of my company, franchisEssentials. The attention to detail has been second to none and the projects have always been delivered ahead of schedule. Overall, the projects have always exceeded my expectations despite some interesting challenges I’ve been forced to share with her with along the way. Plain and simple, she gets the job done with no excuses. …”

– Paul Segreto, Founder/President, franchisEssentials




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