Employee Personal Issues Can Affect a Small Business’ Bottom-Line

Small businesses are often adversely affected by situations occurring in employees’ personal lives.  An employee’s personal distractions frequently result in decreased productivity on the job, and frequently smaller companies are affected at a much higher level than would be a larger firm due to the smaller firms’ dependence on each and every employee – there are typically no ‘extra bodies’ in a small business.

This being the case, it is critical that a small business owner take every step they can to put in place programs that will help employees  prevent and/or overcome every possible personal distraction that they are able.

Recently, one area that is distracting alot of small business employees is the issue of identity theft.  Therefore, we at Strategic Growth Concepts sought information from an expert on the steps a small business owner can take to aid their employees and keep company productivity high.  The following is an article provided by that expert, Tracy Katz of Identity Theft Consultants. who will provide information about their Identity Theft service.


Identify theft is the fastest growing crime in America.  Over 252.2 million people have had their Social Security numbers stolen and their personal information compromised by databases getting hacked since January 2005. 

There are five main areas of Identity Theft, including:

  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Medical Information
  • Character / Criminal Actions
  • Financial Transactions.

The amount of time an average victim spends clearing their name and restoring their identity is 600 hours and $1500, in addition to any losses they may have suffered prior to being able to get the situation resolved.

As a small business owner, those 600 lost hours can easily affect your company’s bottom-line since typically your employee will have to spend time during working hours contacting companies to restore their identity.  Additionally, they may have to leave work early, or not come in at all so they can take additional steps to resolve the situation.  And when they are at work, they’re stressed and distracted by the chaos that is occurring their personal life and the problems they are experiencing as a result of being an Identity Theft victim.

In many cases, victims of Identity Theft will require legal asistance to help them resolve the situation and the resulting challenges which may occur; another expense that they can likely ill afford when they have already been victimized.  However, Identity Theft Consultants has come up with a solution.  Their Identity Theft service will protect your employees and drastically reduce the employee hours required to restore their identity.  Licensed investigators will work to correct damage caused by the Identity Theft.  The program will allow the employee to stay focused on their work, yet confident that their personal issues are being resolved in the hands of experts.

If your firm would like to know more about how you can help your employees avoid becoming a victim of Identity Theft, or would like to provide them with access to the Identity Theft service should they ever have a need, please feel free to contact Tracy Katz at Tracy@IDTheftConsultants.net .