More Ways to Avoid Layoffs

In our continuing research to find companies who have avoided layoffs and the ways in which they are doing so, we’ve come across some interesting examples and a variety of strategies.  However, one thing they all have in common – they all place a very high value on their employees and are willing to make extreme efforts to keep them.  Whether large or small, this is an excellent lesson for all businesses.

As a follow up to our article on a new alternative to layoffs being tested in the UK, below please find links to stories about more companies who have managed to save people by saving their jobs, thereby doing their part to keep the economy moving forward.

No layoffs – ever!

More companies without layoffs – ever!

Learned lessons from previous layoffs – now trim the fat, without trimming people.

Cutting labor costs, without cutting the labor

Cutting costs without layoffs

If your firm is seeking ways to avoid layoffs and can use some assistance, please feel free to contact us at Strategic Growth Concepts so we can help you get back on track and minimize the trauma to your firm.


The author, Linda Daichendt, is Founder, CEO and Managing Consultant at Strategic Growth Concepts, a consulting and training firm specializing in start-up, small and mid-sized businesses. She is a recognized small business expert with 20+ years experience in providing Marketing, Operations, HR, and Strategic planning services to start-up, small and mid-sized businesses. Linda can be contacted at and the company website can be viewed at


One Response to “More Ways to Avoid Layoffs”

  1. richard swings Says:

    Sometimes a company also value their employee but unfortunately have to discharge them. The value of their past years of working within the company is reflected by the money the company likes to spend for outplacement.

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